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I know your post is four months old, but I figure I should respond because my S9 did indeed suffer a failure of the same switch.

The spring in the switch failed on the "back" side so it just sits in that position.
What it then does is for the music to sound as if it's fast rewinding and trying to play at the same time. If I hold the switch at the neutral position, it works and sounds fine.

At the same time, I noticed that all the other switches on this S9 that I had bought years ago were feeling sort of "lazy" even though they all still worked as they should.

I just sent it back to Cowon and asked them to replace not just the bad switch, but all the other physical switches as well so that I wouldn't have to go through the same thing again anytime soon.
Don't yet know what it's going to cost since they haven't gotten back to me yet.

Ogg and Flac or I don't listen, and the Cowon X5L and S9 do it best for me.
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