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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
... The beauty of the new JVC HA-S500 that I have, is that they do have bass, without sacrificing the mids and highs. No EQ required.
HA-S500's, now we're talking

You do know I was yanking your chain. While grados aren't for me either, they have their uses for those that love upper mids and highs with good detail. While I love mids and some highs I do love the warmth from the lows. That said, I would agree with you on EQ'ing in the missed bass on the grados for the OP and the i9 EQ works very well IMO. Although I dial down the frequencies that I do not want to emphasize versus increasing the ones I want more of. With headphones that have really weak bass I might also dial it up a notch or two and still lower the upper mids and highs rather than just boosting the lows too high. AS you know too much boosting can cause clipping and/or distortion ...

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