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No telling why sandisk does what they do. I'd guess it's what you say. It's easier and less expensive to keep producing a proven winner. Parts acquisition, production and distribution should already be running smoothly with no need for expensive tweaks. For new colors just throw some coloring in the plastic.

Another factor would be they wouldn't need to do any more development for a new firmware. The Of isn't great but I like it a lot more than the one for the CZ. Adding enough to the Clip Zip UI to make it fully usable might be more than it's worth if it's not selling well.

If this is a sign that sandisk is continuing the Clip+ as is, I'm good with that. It's the one I grab most often when I'm heading out. I have a couple of them but they won't last forever. It would be nice to have one with a fresher battery available when one of these decides to die.

Especially one I can Rockbox.
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