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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Possibly dumb question from someone just starting to look at a mountain of new info. Does USBOTG require rooting? Or it just the right cable and app and go?
I think theres now an app that can do it without rooting, but its not that big of a deal. The Nexus 7 ships completely unlocked, its basically like a PC that you own rather than a phone that the carrier rents you. Giving yourself root is simple and probably something you should do regardless. Even if you don't want to use OTG, rooting lets you do things like increase the clock speed (the N7 ships clocked lower than other tegra 3 tablets), back up apps to the PC, tweak the UI or install third party ROMs.


FWIW, I would ask yourself pretty carefully what you want to do with more than 16GB (or 32GB if you buy that new model thats apparently launching). IME tablets are basically good for web stuff and not much else. Once you disconnect them from the internet they're not that great and often a laptop is much more useful. If you plan to use a tablet a lot away from the internet, you might want to get one with 3G or even a laptop instead.

IMO the N7 is so great because its so cheap. You can easily get 200 dollars worth of use out of it, in spite of tablets in general not being as useful I'd like.
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