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I think it was plain stupid to discontinue J3
if something very popular and sell very good why stop making it?

I have a S9 and so far very happy with it, We that wanted to upgrade to J3 are now left with a big ? to find something as good as J3 is hard.

I dont want X7 is HHD and i dont like carry around HHD parts prefer flash
I dont need more than 32gb and can live with 16gb

X9 from what i read here and there despite how cool it look people dont seem to like it so much

C2 look very intressing i never had a chance to own a D2 so C2 could be fun to have
but soundwise i dont know if i am downgrading in quality from S9?

Finaly Z2 is probaly what is remplacing J3 seem to become the newest popular player (just look at the price how it skyrocket...maybe because is popular?)

Z2 downside rightnow Expensive, yes it is as thing has changed and is not the same
where doozens of mp3 players filled stores to compete with Ipods
Custumbers that didnt had a fixed mind on ipod went for cheaper alternatives or just wanted be different (most sales went probaly to either Sony or samsung or some cheap random crap brand)

Some few audiophiles and people caring about sound or simple enjoy drag&drop
buyed quality alternatives and was willing to pay equal or even more than a ipod for this.

But now all that changed, Almost no mp3 players in stores
there is just Mobile phones+ipod, and a few crap cheap unknown poor-man players.
no quality alternative from Cowon,Iriver etc... in mainstream store

Only exception is Sony or Samsung thats avaible but normaly not in stock so have to be ordered, Now Samsung is disapearing also more from stores and we are left only with mobile phones,ipod,crap players and some sonys.
This in Europe.... I am sure things different elsewhere like in Asia probaly in Japan is Either Ipod or sony and in Korea is either Ipod vs Cowon,samsung,iriver.

Then there is online store which is probaly how most of Audiophile and we that apreciate music quality buy

Still, are people willing to pay more than 200 euro , or even more than 150 euro for a Ipod alternative..... Not many ...not too many to secure the Dap marked for years to come.

The world is unfortunaly not full of Audiophiles....rathar people than just want a "Good" mp3 player for a Excelent price.

So the results....any mp3 player over certain price are doomed to certain failure

Problem is also that as cheaper mp3 player has to be sold the cheaper the "Quality" can be, and brands they have to rely on many useless gimicks

Right now i look at some online store and i see 2 things
The Usual high prices we use to pay for "Popular" or "new" cowon players
and the usual Overpriced sony players this on one side, on another the Cheaper player that sacriface components to get price down.
The balance between battery life, Good screen and price is a everlasting battle.
it seem you cant have both good screen, good quality, low price and good battery life in same device, is always missing something.
Then there is the Sales on items on the brink of being discontinued

The marked is Mobile phone focused and every ipod alternatives which is not ipod or 100-150 euro players will disapear from mainstream.

As for me I already had a Ipod and didnt like it and prefer much better Cowon,Samsung and Sony, althrough most mp3 players they make look very Retro compared to today technology...or they look like a Ipod or mobile phone

So realy not sure what i want to buy to remplace my S9

And realy What is happening with the UCI theming? is it Dead?
Most player today has no themes.... none of the new cowon players after J3 i seen has been using Uci themes....

Only thing i can think of is that with android somehow you can make someway.... ?

I enjoy themes on My S9 reason why i selected J3 as a upgrade now that is gone there is no real alternatives out there.

So my questions is

1. Do X9,Z2 or C2 suport Uci themes somehow?
2. Can some of them via android use themes easy?
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