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Welcome to ABi

You want to download the .zip from the "All Regions" download link on the page you linked. You extract that to the top level directory, that's the root, of your player after placing it in MSC mode. The setting to change USB mode is the under Settings=>System Settings=>USB mode on the Clip.

It's usually best to identify exactly which model Clip you have when you ask a question about a Clip. There's the original Clip, the Clip+ and the Clip Zip. They're all essentially the same player with different capabilities and features. However there's enough differences that some of the answers that apply to one won't for another.

The the original Clip and the Clip+ don't support AAC files. The Clip Zip does to a limited extent. The AAC decoder on the Clip Zip doesn't play files longer than ~10-12 minutes.

They all will play AAC files using Rockbox. There's more on Rockbox in my sig.
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