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Originally Posted by nish81 View Post
rather than make a new thread, I thought I'd ask my question here - I'm also trying to decide between the c2 and the x9. the c2 is smaller and looks easier to carry, which is a big plus for me, but I have 3 more concerns I was hoping someone could answer for me:
Although i own neither of the two devices (my c2 is on its way) I might be able to help a little lol.

Originally Posted by nish81 View Post
is there a maximum micro sd card size on either of the two players? (or can i put in a 64GB card and be happy)
I asked this question earlier elsewhere, Walkgood is pretty sure he has heard of some users getting 64gb cards to work, but u might need specific cards and formatting rules to get things happening. 32gb for sure is no issue. But The Dark Side points out that cowon devices often have 'number of file' limitations, i'm not sure if its 8000 or 12,000 file max on the c2. My 54gb collection comes to 11,000 files, so even if a 64gb can work, it might not work as you have more than 8000-12,000 files. If all yer collection is FLAC or 320kbps the chances are you might not have nearly this amount if files. FYI alot of players have number of file limitations, so its something to look into.

Originally Posted by nish81 View Post
is the battery life on the c2 at least around 25 hours in real world conditions?
I would expect so, but i do understand yer questioning. I managed to get 12hrs or so out of a clip+/zip, but in real term use was more like 6-7hrs (granted i liked brightness full, volume high and screen time off 10-15secs).
I would reckon 60% of the quoted to being a good approximate.

Originally Posted by nish81 View Post
and, is the sound quality on the c2 as good as on the x9?
Don't know, but i would be astonished if they are any different, certainly they both come with the same jeteffects version. I think anything past the D2 and S9 date tag has the newer version of jet effect, but i can't be 100% certain, someone more knowledgeable will be able to confirm.

Originally Posted by nish81 View Post
edit: also, ive read that the c2 has a kind of gimmicky UI compared to the d2 - is the x9's interface any better?
The c2 has quite a few custom made UI to overcome the stock one, so i'm looking forward to tinkering with that, to my knowledge the x9 has none so far (as its fairly new). I watched a youtube video on the x9, wasn't overly impressed or dissapointed, but it was a short vid.

thanks a lot! hope someone can help me out [/QUOTE]

If yer thinking about x9 you should also look into the newer A5, more info can be found here.

To summarise why i think the A5 would be better than the x9 would be the following points:

1) The official cowon site for it, its says "* Support for all types of audio output, including music, video, and fm radio." under the JetEffect 5 blurb. This means video will sound fantastic (or at least give you plenty of options to weak with video audio). I don't know if the x9 can do the same. This is by far the most important feature for me, all too often i have been disappointed by the audio in video playback <*cough*O2*cough*>, to actually have a decent on the go video playback feature is something very attractive to me.

2) A5 has Bluetooth, X9 doesn't

3) Flash memory for A5 is formatted NTFS, this means file transfers of video higher than 4gb can be done without issue. This also suggest that dragging and dropping of large 1080p unconverted files is handled well.

4) Better video support, its codec support seems very wide, again dragging and dropping of HD 720 and 1080p files seems possible, whether it plays them back ok is another matter.

5) higher res screen (although screen size is larger so that might not be so noticeable or even a plus).

6) running android. This means a root>google play market should be possible, which then really opens up the functionality of the player. Kindle ereader and other apps for running video (like Diceplayer, Mxplayer etc) should all be possible leading to a better overall chance of success in playing back video files properly and enhancing the overall PMPness of the device.

Granted the A5 is pricier but to me the X9 isn't cutting the grade for the PMP video playback side of things. Its another half arsed cowon attempt.
So i now see it like this, C2 vs A5, one is small and compact obviously intended for someone on the go, primarily for music, the other a 'train commuter' device giving more options for someone stationary.
Hope this helps.
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