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Originally Posted by aknuds1 View Post
Anyone else experiencing periodic clicks during playback after installing RockBox on this device? I've installed version 74af18e-120617 of RockBox, and I get clicks in the right channel every few seconds. The volume of the clicks depends on the playback volume, I'm listening through a pair of Sennheiser CX300 II earbuds. It's pretty annoying
I have exactly the same problem

Are you still having these random clicks on right channel or did you solved this problem?

I'm trying new releases on a monthly basis but I have always to go back to original firmware as the clicks are really annoying.

Maybe some zips have some different components that make them not fully compatible with rockbox?

It seems that the problem isn't on the decoding stage as the clicks don't depend on the channel config: even with mono, mono right and mono left configurations the clicks always happen on the right channel.

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