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Thank you very much for providing us with the results of your work. The iaudio 9 is an outstanding piece of entertainment hardware plus it has these amazing decoding features like all the presets. But the GUI makes me wanna cry all the time, especially the white backgrounds. So thanx again for giving me the chance to remove the white background of the main menu. I'd also like to use your music menu but with one tiny change. Somebody else already mentioned it: the default cover with whiteBG and the orange note has to go, it just has to.. My poor eyes hurt when i flip through the tracks..

No more changes needed, it's perfect after that for me ;-) As you kindly provided the source code as well I'll try that myself and post again here.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany
Mr. Friendly

PS: Maybe he/she'll never read this as the posting is 2 years old but nevertheless I'd like to thank serych for the participation, too!
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