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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
Where do you see that?
Well... I was walking the dog when I wrote that, and she attacked the neighbour. So I wasn't focused (btw, the neighbour is an ass )

In fact, it was on NwAvGuy's (spelling?) blog, not on the Sandisk site:
(see the "Measurements" section).
it says 15 mW max out (ohms are not specified)

Anyway, you are probably right The Martian, but I would not buy an E6 again. It's useless for easy to drive headphones and not beefy enough for high end stuff (or even to impress the ladies... haha...)
But since it was so unexpensive, I don't regret my buy. I love that lil piece of black plastic with that nice blue thingy:

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