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Those wooden iems sure do look purdy.

But we're not women, are we? I mean, nice looking iems are fine, but they're not earrings or shoes. We put 'em in our ears cos we want to listen to music on our own, not to get a snog on the dancefloor or approving comments from friends.

So enough already with the bling, and the upgrade cables that do zero for the sound and are clearly a huge value-add for Heir ($110 dollars extra? Do me a favour, they saw you coming mate).

No, the lowdown should cover looks and durability briefly but concentrate on sound. And your review is a nice one, with lots of meaty compliments, which makes me wonder how these stack up against their competitors other than the Westone 3 you mention.

Have you tried them against SE535, RE272, SM3, ER4S, etc?

Funny how us blokes like our techy letters and numbers aint it?
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