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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Well, of course Rockbox can access the SD card files on R0. If there was an issue there, that would be known as many R0 users have a microSD card.
You can see the files on microSD that way: Files>mnt>mmc

I just did a test on my 4GB R0:
-Delete the current database, that is to say remove all the database_x.tcd files from the .rockbox folder
-Insert the 32GB microSD card I usually use for my Sansa Clip Zip.
-Start the R0 and Rockbox
-Initialize the database: 8332 files found, "please reboot to enable" message
-Reboot, "committing database" and no issue

So it should work for you!
Connect the R0 to your computer, delete all database files from the .rockbox folder, just let the default database.ignore file. Then reboot the R0 and Initialize the database.
If it still gets stuck, then there is probably a 'problematic' file on your microSD and this is not related to the R0.
Thanks for your advice here..I finally got round to testing your method and it certainly helped me get to the bottom of the issues I was having!

Firstly, I believe that the reason the database build was hanging around ~7000 files was because Winamp (the media library software I was using to load mp3s onto the R0 with) was leaving several of its own library files on the R0's memory. After I removed these and stopped using Winamp, it seemed to build the database OK!

The problem I was having with mp3s on the SD not being added to the database was more straight-forward...I realised that around half of the files I was copying onto the SD were corrupting, so it was down to a faulty card. I sent it back and replaced it with a SanDisk 32gb and now everything is working flawlessly. When I first used the new card the database build was hanging on 0 files but then realised I had forgotten to change the 'Select directories to scan' in settings.

Thanks again or your help.

On a side note, do you recommend any media library software for PC that works well with Rockbox? Since I am not using Winamp with the R0 anymore I could use a replacement

Edit: also, I was wondering how often you would recommend to download the latest build of Rockbox and update? Is there much point in doing so? and is there any way of retaining all settings when updating Rockbox? thank you

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