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Originally Posted by EvilOrange View Post
What driver are you asking me to install? Does the Iaudio 7 have an XP driver?
I do not believe there's any specific driver (I've always used mine in msc mode from day one, so I assume it's the same as a thumb drive driver), was just asking you to check them since you said you couldn't access the device.

Edit: this conversation went over to abi in irc channel #anythingbutipod
[14:18] <EvilOrange> walkgood
[14:18] <EvilOrange> are you here?
[14:19] <WalkGood> yea
[14:20] <WalkGood> was just reading back and what fw did you say you see?
[14:20] <EvilOrange> well now i'm trying 1.17
[14:20] <WalkGood> ok, that's the right one
[14:21] <EvilOrange> it shows what fw i'm putting in the tcctool folder
[14:21] <WalkGood> cause i saw in post #8 was confusing
[14:21] <WalkGood> yes, you're right
[14:21] <EvilOrange> that gives me hope
[14:21] <EvilOrange> because it's writing SOMTHING
[14:21] <WalkGood> cool
[14:21] <EvilOrange> so it's not dead
[14:21] <EvilOrange> but...
[14:21] <EvilOrange> idk what is wrong
[14:22] <EvilOrange> now it's refreshing my windows constantly
[14:22] <WalkGood> i've seen it take numerous tries by some people
[14:22] <EvilOrange> and showing up as a removable device
[14:22] <EvilOrange> can it be hardware related?
[14:22] <WalkGood> can you access the removable drive?
[14:22] <EvilOrange> no
[14:23] <EvilOrange> it asks me to format it
[14:23] <WalkGood> anythings possible, i wouldn't know if it's hardware
[14:23] <EvilOrange> but when i try to double click on it...
[14:23] <EvilOrange> i cannot access it
[14:23] <WalkGood> did you check if any drivers are off/wrong?
[14:23] <EvilOrange> how can i do that?
[14:24] <WalkGood> you mean checking if you have bad driver?
[14:24] <EvilOrange> yes
[14:24] <EvilOrange> it shows normaly
[14:24] <EvilOrange> as a disk drive
[14:24] <EvilOrange> indevice manger
[14:24] <EvilOrange> in device manager
[14:24] <WalkGood> look in device manager to see if you have any yellow ? or red exclamations
[14:24] <EvilOrange> it without a yellow ?
[14:24] <WalkGood> if none, you know it's ok
[14:25] <EvilOrange> it's ok
[14:25] <EvilOrange> i tried in cmd to enter diskpart
[14:25] <EvilOrange> it shows as Disk 1
[14:25] <WalkGood> after the flashing, did you replug in to see if that would start a new flashing
[14:25] <EvilOrange> but Status " NO MEDIA"
[14:26] <EvilOrange> if i unplug it it says "Goodbye" and closes
[14:26] <EvilOrange> if i try and turn it on
[14:26] <EvilOrange> it wont
[14:26] <WalkGood> almost sounds like the fw didn't take root
[14:26] <EvilOrange> well i can't put anything in the root
[14:26] <EvilOrange> because it's unaccesable
[14:27] <WalkGood> i mean it didn't install the fw fully or correctly, not into the root
[14:27] <WalkGood> we had one guy here once it took 7 tries
[14:27] <WalkGood> before it worked
[14:27] <EvilOrange> it froze? the other times?
[14:28] <WalkGood> he followed the tutorial on iaudiophile to the t
[14:28] <EvilOrange> well i did too
[14:28] <EvilOrange> should i try an older fw?
[14:28] <EvilOrange> 1.13?
[14:28] <WalkGood> no, he said it didn't do anythign for the player, from what you describe it sounds like you've gotten further
[14:29] <WalkGood> i've only hear it with .17, but if you've tried several times and still no luck, i can't see why not try something different
[14:29] <EvilOrange> yes, but to no avail... it's so frustrating, after a year, i was on the verge of throwing it out
[14:29] <EvilOrange> and now it shows me the starting scree
[14:29] <EvilOrange> screen
[14:29] <EvilOrange> so frustrating
[14:29] <WalkGood> never throw out, sell or gift for parts at the least
[14:30] <EvilOrange> yes, ofc
[14:30] <EvilOrange> not in the garbage
[14:30] <WalkGood> after running tcctool did you get the "[INFO] Patching application uploaded successfully" line back?
[14:30] <EvilOrange> yes
[14:30] <WalkGood> dam :/
[14:31] <EvilOrange> and that's when the screen lights up
[14:31] <EvilOrange> the buttons flash
[14:31] <EvilOrange> and in XP thats when i hear a disconnect sound
[14:31] <EvilOrange> and thebuttons turn off
[14:31] <WalkGood> maybe since you say it's not taking, when you're in step 4 it's not actually installing the fw, don't know
[14:31] <EvilOrange> and the screen freezes at Starting
[14:32] <EvilOrange> maybe the internal memory is busted...
[14:32] <EvilOrange> idk how to force it
[14:32] <WalkGood> it's possible but i can't see how
[14:32] <EvilOrange> can i force a recovery of the internal memory...
[14:32] <EvilOrange> a forced format
[14:33] <WalkGood> not that i know of without tcctool
[14:33] <WalkGood> did you connect in "boot mode" the second try?
[14:33] <EvilOrange> pressing menu button does nothing for me
[14:33] <EvilOrange> it dead without usb connection
[14:34] <WalkGood> it must be holding down the 'mode/menu' button while plugging in the USB connector
[14:34] <EvilOrange> (mind you that the battery has a3,5 volt charge, it's not dead)
[14:34] <WalkGood> yea i read
[14:34] <EvilOrange> well it does nothing
[14:34] <WalkGood> so it's not that, always good to rule things out
[14:34] <EvilOrange> it hold te button plug it in and nothing
[14:34] <EvilOrange> i have to patch it with tcctool for the screen to light up
[14:34] <WalkGood> well re-connecting in boot mode, you still have to re-install the fw
[14:34] <EvilOrange> very tme
[14:35] <WalkGood> somethings not right
[14:35] <WalkGood> i'd give it 7 tries just like the instructions
[14:35] <EvilOrange> )
[14:35] <EvilOrange> well
[14:35] <WalkGood> don't ask me why 7, but iirc i heard that frome someone here that it worked on last try iirc
[14:35] <EvilOrange> i think i've done my 5 or 6th try
[14:36] <WalkGood> :/
[14:36] <EvilOrange> iirc?
[14:36] * Meme_Arrows is now known as Socially_Lashwar
[14:36] * lebellium_ ( has joined #anythingbutipod
[14:36] <EvilOrange> idk what iirc is
[14:36] <EvilOrange> is that an abreviation
[14:36] <WalkGood> if i recall correctly
[14:36] <EvilOrange> ok
[14:36] <WalkGood> lol
[14:36] <EvilOrange> ) sory but i don't irc often
[14:37] <EvilOrange> or use forums
[14:37] <EvilOrange> but, it's a good place to find specialists
[14:37] <WalkGood> i'd post into that thread in iaudiophile too, someone else might come up with other ideas
[14:37] <EvilOrange>
[14:37] <EvilOrange> i posted on iaudiophile too
[14:38] <WalkGood> although the sites been dying lately :/
[14:38] <EvilOrange> nobody sayd anything
[14:38] <WalkGood> ok, didn't look
[14:38] <EvilOrange> said
[14:38] <EvilOrange> well... i think i need an engineer
[14:38] <WalkGood> heh
[14:38] <EvilOrange> ) it's sad that i'm an engineer in the making
[14:38] <EvilOrange> electronics engineer 3 year one more to go till my licence
[14:38] <WalkGood> don't think you need an engineer
[14:38] * lebellium ( Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[14:38] * lebellium_ is now known as lebellium
[14:39] <WalkGood> nice
[14:39] <EvilOrange> but i have no clue what to do
[14:39] <EvilOrange> no experience with mp3-s
[14:39] <WalkGood> if you did everything to the "t" 7 times, then it's something else
[14:39] <EvilOrange> and this minimisation of technology makes debugging hardware kinda impossible
[14:39] <WalkGood> but i can't think of what
[14:40] <EvilOrange> i think it's the internal memory
[14:40] <WalkGood> if i think of something later, i'll post it into your abi thread
[14:40] <WalkGood> i don't say it's not, but strange way for it to go
[14:40] <EvilOrange> do you know anyone who upgraded his/her memory?
[14:40] <WalkGood> i've had players die that the internal memory still works and can be accessed
[14:40] <EvilOrange> i'd try to change the flash memory on my mp3
[14:41] <EvilOrange> then maybe it's not that...
[14:41] <WalkGood> impossible, you'd have to change the whole board i think
[14:41] <EvilOrange> the reading writing part of the IC ?
[14:41] <WalkGood> i think that would be more possible
[14:41] <WalkGood> i wonder if for some reason it's connecting in mtp vs msc
[14:41] <EvilOrange> well... if that's the case... no way of doing anything
[14:42] * anbu_yuki ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[14:42] <EvilOrange> and i have no cowon service in Romania
[14:42] <WalkGood> although if it was, you probably woudln't have gotten so far
[14:42] <EvilOrange> anyway i've allready busted it open
[14:42] <EvilOrange> why do you say that?
[14:42] <EvilOrange> because they wouldn't have bohered?
[14:42] <EvilOrange> bothere?
[14:43] <EvilOrange> sh1t bothered
[14:43] <EvilOrange> brb
[14:43] <WalkGood> well without any access you probably woudln't have gotten to see the screen shots
[14:43] <EvilOrange> i'm trying again
[14:43] <EvilOrange> do you know if they respond ?
[14:43] <EvilOrange> if i send them an email?
[14:44] <WalkGood> i'm not sure that cowon would still work on them, but if they did, there is some center in the EU, don't recall where
[14:44] <WalkGood> i believe they do, but i've read it takes them long
[14:44] <WalkGood> doesn't hurt to try
[14:44] <EvilOrange> i hate this technology
[14:44] <EvilOrange> i hate things i can't fix
[14:44] <WalkGood> i love it when it works
[14:44] <EvilOrange> yes, ofc... me too!
[14:45] <EvilOrange> when i thought after 1 year of dust on my mp3
[14:45] <WalkGood> all this stuff has built in obsolesence
[14:45] <WalkGood> *i know wrong spell
[14:45] <EvilOrange> "I shoud see if it can be unbricked"
[14:45] <EvilOrange> and i tried
[14:45] <EvilOrange> ound the forum
[14:45] <EvilOrange> patche it
[14:45] <EvilOrange> and the screen opened
[14:45] <EvilOrange> geez that was something!
[14:45] <EvilOrange> but then... no
[14:46] <EvilOrange> boner kill
[14:46] <WalkGood> something must have wrote to it then
[14:46] <EvilOrange> yes, it writes something on it
[14:46] <EvilOrange> but not enough maybe?
[14:46] <EvilOrange> it somehow freezez when it tries to start
[14:46] <WalkGood> that's why i'd keep at trying to re-install the fw
[14:46] <EvilOrange> i mean, when it's plugged into the usb port
[14:47] <WalkGood> how full was the memory before the issue
[14:47] <EvilOrange> it should display "USB pluggedin"
[14:47] <EvilOrange> not "Starting"
[14:47] <EvilOrange> ik
[14:47] <EvilOrange> idk
[14:47] <EvilOrange> i forgot...
[14:47] <WalkGood> i've read that when the memory is over filled that can happen, that's why a format woudl be good
[14:47] <EvilOrange> it's a year
[14:47] <EvilOrange> yes, but i can't access it
[14:47] <EvilOrange> it says 0 B
[14:47] <WalkGood> hang on, i'll go get mine and check
[14:47] <WalkGood> brb
[14:48] <WalkGood> well when the fw is good, it says "usb connected"
[14:49] * Aevum ( has joined #anythingbutipod
[14:49] <EvilOrange> yes
[14:49] <EvilOrange> i know
[14:50] <EvilOrange> but mine says "Starting Iaudio 1.17"
[14:50] <WalkGood> that means no data connection
[14:50] <EvilOrange> did you ever use tcctool on yours?
[14:50] <WalkGood> no need, i've never bricked mine
[14:50] <EvilOrange> aha
[14:51] <EvilOrange> i was curious as to what it displayes
[14:51] <EvilOrange> but i found other people with the similar problem
[14:51] <EvilOrange> stuck after step 3
[14:51] <Aevum> ?
[14:51] <EvilOrange> i have a bricked Iaudio 7
[14:51] <EvilOrange> aevum
[14:51] <WalkGood> i wonder if you can put a little format cmd via a wordpad file like on the sansas
[14:52] <Aevum> isnt therea tctools thing to flash it ?
[14:52] <WalkGood> he did that
[14:52] <Aevum> and ?
[14:53] <EvilOrange> it freezes the player
[14:53] <EvilOrange> it shows "Starting Iaudio"
[14:53] <WalkGood> Aevum read
[14:53] <EvilOrange> and if i unplug it it says goodbye
[14:53] <EvilOrange> and dies
[14:53] <EvilOrange> walkgood i tried format I: /FS:FAT32 /x
[14:53] <EvilOrange> but it doesn't work
[14:53] <WalkGood> no access then
[14:53] <EvilOrange> maybe a special program
[14:53] <EvilOrange> yes
[14:54] <EvilOrange> so how can i force access using tcctool
[14:54] <EvilOrange> ...
[14:54] <WalkGood> i don't believe you force access with tcctool, i believe that's why you need to connect in boot mode
[14:54] <EvilOrange> well...
[14:55] <EvilOrange> i never pressed the M button
[14:55] <EvilOrange> while plugging it in
[14:55] <EvilOrange> because it does nothing
[14:55] <EvilOrange> it's dead
[14:55] <WalkGood> afaik it's the only way to connect it
[14:55] <EvilOrange> well when you hold M and plug it in
[14:55] <EvilOrange> does it start?
[14:56] <EvilOrange> because mine doesn't
[14:56] <WalkGood> i'd try that numerous times - holding down the 'mode/menu' button
[14:56] <WalkGood> it shouldn't afaik
[14:56] <EvilOrange> it starts only after patching
[14:56] <WalkGood> it should force a connection, yes it turns on but it needs to be connected
[14:57] <WalkGood> i have to run out for 20 mins, i have to pick up kid but i'll be soon back
[14:58] <WalkGood> btw, there's normally peeps around here most of week. i normally pop in and lurk mon to fri when i'm around
[14:58] <WalkGood> ok, soon back
[14:58] <EvilOrange> OMG it opened the internal MEMORY
[14:58] <EvilOrange> WHOOOOOT
[14:59] <EvilOrange> but it didn't flash the firmware
[15:02] <EvilOrange> i tried it again... no luck, now it wont show up anything
[15:10] * EvilOrange (d5a4e206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:11] * EvilOrange (d5a4e206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #anythingbutipod
[15:11] <EvilOrange> back
[15:12] <EvilOrange> i was disconected a bit
[15:12] <EvilOrange> walkgood give a sign when you get back
[15:12] <EvilOrange> i
[15:12] <EvilOrange> i'm going on a different computer to try again
[15:37] <WalkGood> back now
[15:45] * WalkGood slaps EvilOrange with a bricked i7
[15:51] <EvilOrange> helllo
[15:51] <EvilOrange> sorry
[15:51] <EvilOrange> well... i did something
[15:52] <EvilOrange> but... the fate crapped on me again
I'll edit for results later ....

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