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Originally Posted by Tripzone View Post
I hope I'm not hijacking this thread, but I'd like to clarify something: I take it from some posts that I can still use my Clip+ to listen to music, even if it's charging, as long as the USB cord isn't plugged into a PC. Is this correct? In other words, if I just use a charging USB cable, I can still operate the player while its charging?

Thanks all.
No, on my tests if the usb connection provides charge current, you cannot play.
If you have a usb input available, I still maintain it's easier to use a usb stick, no charging problems. If you are fortunate enough to have a car radio with built in usb, it's much easier to make adjustments for track/album etc. This holds true to a lesser extent if using one of those fm transmitters which in my case works well.
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