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Default play while charging?

Have a Sony MP3 Walkman, model NWZ-S764BTBM. I use this player to listen to audiobooks. Does a good job, but the battery life is somewhat limited. I plan to take a long road trip next week(FL to MI and back) and the audiobooks are good company.

My question is can the walkman be charged via the usb port in the car while it is being played? I play it thru the car radio using the headphone speaker jack.
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My GUESS is yes. But I don't own a SONY and I have no idea what kind of car you have, or even if the factory standard deck is still installed. I've never had a car with a USB port installed, but have used a "plug it into the cigarette lighter" USB adapter.

This is the kind of thing where I would wander out to my car and try it. Haven't you done that already?

If your Sony doesn't work, get a Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip. Pretty sure that would work.

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If the USB port is also a data connection, no. Walkmans go into charge only mode if it reads a data connection.

As Steve says if you have a lighter socket you could get a USB charger and play and charge at the same time. With no data connection the player operates normally as it charges.
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Thank you two for your replys. I did not mention, but my car is a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. It does have a separate USB connection.

Skip252, you were right on. I plugged the walkman into the usb connection, and got a black screen. I have a cigarette lighter plug with a usb connector, i tried that, and it worked! It is charging, and at the same time I can listen to the audiobook.
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