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Less than 350 for HD650? When you say bought new, do you mean on their release or many many years later? I bought mine only a little before HD800 was released and I was not so fortunate, but maybe I got a bad price.

In any case, I'd call $350 in the upper echelons for reasonably priced headphones, but a clear and very appreciated step back from the silly 1k + prices that became so utterly and disgustingly popular in the recent years (whether I believe HD800 is worth that much or not, I have no idea, but I know there's a great deal of headphones in that range that have no right to be and are only taking advantage of dumb consumers).

It's in the range of how much a lot of premium mp3 players cost (at least in CAD), so I can respect that price point as being realistic for what most people are willing to pay for a device they expect to use a long time.

Regarding my actual impressions of the device... Well, they're certainly going for that old-man jazz look. That is bound to appeal to a lot of audiophiles who romanticize such an image of a large room with a chair in it and a person listening on brown looking headphones to a massive record system. Whether those people actually listen to jazz/classical or not is another question I will say that I'd be tempted to give them a listen and certainly credit them as interesting looking, but they offer no reason for me to purchase. If I bought pricy headphones again they'd have to be significantly different from the 650s, and I just don't think these will be. Best case scenario they are a reskin of some similarly priced headphone they already have with minor adjustments, worst case scenario they are a reskin of some cheaper headphone that they know people will buy because it looks classy. Which, to be honest, I think the brushed metal clashes a little too much with the leather. Outside audiophiles they might even be thought to be very ugly. They should have gone all the way with the old man look.
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