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Default Deactivate Media Button?

I have a 16GB Zune HD and I had been using it while running. It seems some sweat must have gone in the player through the media button.

Now the quick controls will flick on and off on an intermittent basis. It can react like there was only one "fake" button press or like i'd be tapping on it continuously. Sometimes, the problem won't come up for many hours and other times it will after a few seconds from switching the zune on. Beside the obvious problem that I always run the chance of shipping songs or changing the volume while the player is in my pocket, it's also a big drain on the battery as it turns the screen on everytime.

I tried putting the zune in rice for up to 5 days and, while it can help for a day, it doesn't solve the problem. I also opened the zune and tried cleaning the button with methyl alcohol.

I looked around forums and as far as I know there is no software hack to deactivate the media button. So right now I'm thinking of removing the button altogether. I was wondering if the zune would boot and operate if there was no media button. I was hoping there would be some ribbon or connector to llink it with the main board so I could do a test with doing anything more definitive but no such luck.

I really like the media button but if I have to choose between it and a functionnal player, it's not a tough call for me.

Anybody has some opinion as to how the zune will function without a media button? Also if you have some great idea I haven't though of, please let me know.

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