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Originally Posted by aimran View Post
I'm not sure if the HD650 is right for rock since it is too laidback and not aggressive enough. Grado is perfect for rock, but as mentioned, uncomfortable for many.
grado or AKG for rock, where's the bass & warmth? I say substantially missing and too bright/forward for rock.

Originally Posted by aimran View Post
I think a good compromise would be a AKG headphones such as the K550. AKG generally have good highs and mids and are pretty comfortable.
Again, too far forward and does not provide the lows needed in rock but to each their own.

While you may not think it so unless you listen to the hd650s regularly, they produce wonderful mids and handle highs fine IMO. While they can be laid back (your term not mine and I wouldn't use it to describe them. I prefer warm), they easily keep great pace with any music I've listened to on them (PRaT). A good example of highs from classic rock: Bob Seger's Live Bullet "Turn the Page" the horns really shine so well they sound realistic or Kansas Point of No Return "Dust in the Wind" where the violin's sound incredibly detailed. What’s not to like how the hd650s handle upper extension & detail? BTW do you own a pair?

Originally Posted by aimran View Post
Aren't HD580/HD600/HD650 pretty dark headphones?
Are you asking? No they’re not dark and all three do not sound the same, have you tested them?

Originally Posted by aimran View Post
If you are going to go the Sennheiser route, take a look at the HD598 since it's supposedly a brighter headphones than the HD580/HD600/HD650. A better choice is probably the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II which is most likely the brightest and most analytical Sennheiser headphones out there.
Why do you need bright headphones for rock? Have you tried all these? While I have not tested the HD580s, I have tested both the 600s & 650s and IMHO the 650s would be better for rock and the 600s would be better for jazz but again we all have different tastes.

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