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Default Need to start fresh with J3


I have a J3 which has a lot of spurious playlists (from WinAmp? from gremlins? Sunspots? ) that show on the menu, but that I cannot find to erase when I connect (MSC mode) to my computer. I want to start over fresh, so...

How do I reset the J3 to the original factory condition and erase ALL the files other than the original factory stock ones?

Sorry for the cross-posting, but I only have today to work on this, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Download the "SD Association 3.1 Formatter Utility".

It formats flash memory such as the internal storage of the J3, as well as an external microSDHC card (either while already inserted into the J3, or instead while in an external SD card reader).

It does not "ruin" anything, but simply performs the FORMAT function (same as from Windows) on the drive letters assigned to internal/external storage of the J3.

All of storage is erased, including the Cowon system folders and files. Not to worry.

Just run the program pointing to internal and/or external storage using the program default options, and you're done. When you then "safely remove hardware" and disconnect the USB cable and then re-boot the J3, the firmware of the J3 will recognize the freshly formatted empty state of things and will recreate all default folders and files as required.

That will restore your J3 to absolute "factory" condition, with ZERO of your files on it and ZERO Cowon-provided "demonstration" files.

You can then start over.

An alternative equivalent utility (which is also usable if you should buy a 64GB microSDXC card for your J3) is GUIFormat. It is the only program which seems to work with these 64GB cards, although you need to have the card removed from the J3 and inserted into an external SDXC-capable card reader.
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I downloaded the SD 3.1 Formatter, but I'm a little confused about formatting internal vs external memory. I don't see any options where I would select one and then the other: testform.jpg

Also, I'm supposed to leave those default options selected like in the screencap? Thanks for any info!
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If the card isn't in the player it won't be available as an option. If the card is in the player you can select it instead of the internal memory using the drop down menu next to the Drive: button.

I'd just leave everything on the default settings. The default settings erases the memory and leaves it optimized. I have used the other options to see if there were any differences. It took a lot longer and the results were the same.
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