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Old 09-02-2012, 06:12 PM
insurgente insurgente is offline
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Thanks for the tips.... Apologies for my delay in replying, and for writing this on my phone

So i formatted and used the MSC setting

Now my computer sees 2 separate drive letters (one for the player, one for the sd card). My 32gb card shows up as 29.something.....i know not getting the full amount is normal, but that much?

Filled the card via the sansa. Let it refresh last night whikst i thought it was plugged in.... Apparently it wasnt and the battery ran out

Connected the charger and turned it on.... It's been refreshing for a couple of hours, aarrghhhh.... It's stuck on about 90 or 95 percent. Not sure what to do. If i let the battery run down, it'll have to refresh again when i turn it on?

Bought the sd card from amazon, so will be pretty annoyed if it's a dud
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