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The reason I said I'm not certain is I don't know if it's punctuation or some other reason. It may be that having characters in the tags that can't be included in a file name under Windows causes the AA not to show. I wasn't looking for a definitive cause, I just noticed the files that didn't display AA had common elements in the tagging.

I thought it might be one of the peculiarities that sometimes crops up in the ID3v2 "standard". I included several vorbis files in the group of files I retagged in order to check that. When the tagging in both the vorbis comments and the Id3v2 tagged files followed the pattern in the first codebox, none of the AA appeared. When I changed them to the pattern in the third codebox, it all appeared. That seems to eliminate the form of the tag as the issue.

My guess is the filename and tag need to agree in some way in order for the the AA to be displayed in the OF. It may be something in the way the player examines the database to determine which image to display.

The same files tagged both ways display the album art in Rockbox. That makes me think it may be a quirk related to the sandisk database. I've no definitive proof that's the issue. That's just my thought after limited testing.
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