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Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post
For the two weeks of listening I did prior to writing this review, I used the stock cable. I tried them with the Magnus 1 cable I got with my 8.A and being silver-plated copper (SPC) it does make a small difference to the sound. Subtle, but I'd be happy to do a blind test.
Without a real ABX test this means nothing, it can be placebo as much as a subtle difference that you state. You can also easily test voltages, currents, resistances ... real world testing could save you loads of cash Ö

Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post
I have also sampled pure silver cables and they make a slightly bigger sonic difference. I've never heard two copper cables sound any different from eachother, but there IS an audible difference between copper, spc and silver.
Again where is your proof in this claim? Have you done any real world testing? This is just what those snake oil companies want you to believe, audiophool bullshit! On the other hand, I can quote you definitive studies that there is no difference in a ridiculously short cable run, which Iím sure youíve seen and if not let me know, either I or one of our numerous members would be glad to point them out (BTW thereís plenty of threads here with links to them).

Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post
My HD650's are doing great with their stock cables as well, but will be getting the Magnus cable as it's ridiculously flexible and I like that.
I canít say anything about flexibility as Iíve not seen the Magnus but Iím sure at their price it better look better, be more flexible and offer other traits that the stock cables can not. That said I have absolutely no issues with the stock cable, flexibility or other wise. In fact I think Sennheiser did an excellent job on them and wish other companies followed their lead, especially when it comes to designing a streamlined non intrusive Y-splitter.

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