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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
When I first saw heir IEMs in 12/11, I found them to be the most attractive IEMs on the market, especially if you appreciate custom work. That said, I havenít had the chance to try them out yet and doubt Iíll see them around till I attend another meet but Iíll take your word for it that they sound great. Thanks for sharing the pictures Ö
You're welcome.

Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
While I am not sure what you are trying to relay by this, I donít think anyone here believes that special cables make any difference in sound quality on such short cable runs like IEMs or headphones. This is definitely not headfi where they bury the truth to favor advertising dollars. Unless you have some sort of proof by testing (even ABX), but itís doubtful they make any difference other than possibly looking better. Can you clarify your statement as I may have misunderstood it?

These cables are nothing but snake oil & a huge rip off IMHO (twag $300+ for IEM cables, toxic hd650 cables £84.95). While I have also tested various cables side by side on hd650s, I wouldn't put any weight in them ... pure bull, confirmation bias until someone shows some scientific proof. BTW my hd650s sound great with their $22.90 stock cables ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
For the two weeks of listening I did prior to writing this review, I used the stock cable. I tried them with the Magnus 1 cable I got with my 8.A and being silver-plated copper (SPC) it does make a small difference to the sound. Subtle, but I'd be happy to do a blind test. I have also sampled pure silver cables and they make a slightly bigger sonic difference. I've never heard two copper cables sound any different from eachother, but there IS an audible difference between copper, spc and silver.

My HD650's are doing great with their stock cables as well, but will be getting the Magnus cable as it's ridiculously flexible and I like that.
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