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Originally Posted by bigunn View Post
So i finally went out and purchased an 80gb zune last night. The problem I am having is that I have roughly 150gb of music. ,,,,,,,I want to just go thru the music I have already selected and put on the zune. Maybe there is a different type of software to use with the zune that would allow me to do this?

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


I think you are stuck. You can create playlists using WMP11, save as a .wpl and Zune software can see that if you include that location in your Zune library. The problem is, how do you get Windows to see you Zune collection (the stuff on the devide, outside of Zune software)? There are hacks to make WP7 appear as a "mass storage device" and be visible. All this is probably far more trouble than just creating the playlists you want in Zune Software and syncing them (just like WMP11, songs already on your device are not duplicated). I hope that your desired playlists and the songs you picked to sync already largely match each other---then it is not really all that much of a hassle to sync-up everything the first time.
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