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Originally Posted by Machiventa View Post
Hmmm everything I've read about XBox Music says it's streaming only, no downloads. To my knowledge MS (Zune) is the only service that allows downloads on a computer. MOG (and maybe some others) allows downloads only on a mobile device so I would imagine MS is going to take that route. I sure hope that's wrong though.
While nothing definitive is public (yet), MS claims all features of currrent ZunePass carry over into XBox Music. We are all going to transfer-into that program, from what I've read---no option to "grandfather". Also from good rumors, the feature-set of XBox Music is even larger than ZunePass is (streaming on non-MS devices).
I believe you can sign up for a paid account with Spotify and actually download songs. Whether these can transfer to an mp3 player---doubt it. Perhaps to a smartphone with the Spotify app installed. You can also save some Slacker stuff for offline, but those are "stations" and not individually downloaded tracks you can select without limit. I don't know of anything other than ZunePass that allows total freedom of downloads to an mp3 player (and I include PlaysForSure stuff such as Zen and Sansa because it works although "unsupported"). Edit---yes, I do. Rhapsody allows mp3 downloads to select players. I just quit that service when I joined ZunePass. I had a grandfathered "Yahoo Music Unlimited" account that did NOT allow downloads to an mp3 player--only to the computer.
Personally, I find myself using my WP7 more and more for music (also have a Zune HD and Sansa Clip+). With the exception of channel support, there is not much missing in the "Zune" implementation of Windows Phone. Audiobooks are an "outside" app (OverDrive, Audible).
UPDATE 8-29-12---just got email from XBox that channels, Zune Apps, MixView are all GONE in 2 days. No longer supported by any Zune, Zune software, etc..
UPDATE 12-30-13----in case somebody finds this via a search engine....pretty old info. Xbox Music through the new "apps" does not support any of the old mp3 player transfer. Your downloaded songs via the app do not even show up in WMP anymore. There appears to be another location for the DRM in the new Windows 8 Xbox Music app that legacy stuff can't find. Even if you transfer music you downloaded to your phone (Windows Phone 8), the songs have to find the DRM and are usually not immediately playable on your phone after transfer. This is important if you load songs on your phone using Windows 8 and leave for the airport expecting to have music for your flight---maybe not! Do it ahead of time and allow the "new" DRM to sync up and they should play. However, even with the new Xbox Music Pass stuff, we still have access to the old Zune Software (which is the only thing that supports a Zune player or Windows Phone 7). If you download the very same song under Zune, all the DRM songs appear in WMP and WILL STILL SYNCH with a PlaysForSure player. I am doing it right now! Same DRM limits (number of devices synced), and once a month you have to connect your player to the computer and let WMP refresh the licenses (like always) or they won't play. You DO NOT need to download anything to your player---log in to Zune, start WMP, plug in player and wait for DRM to update (note---I've found I must be logged in to Zune or nothing will refresh licenses so I start up both Zune software and WMP).
So---bottom line---as of start of 2014 you can still download songs to PC, still transfer them to a phone or mp3 player, etc..

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