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I won't attempt to tell you you don't hear a difference between 88200 and 44.1. That type of thing usually deteriorates very quickly into an argument. Most people that say they hear the difference end that argument by saying "I know what I hear!". As I've never found a way to confirm what anyone else hears I won't suggest there isn't an audible difference when you listen.

I do suggest that you do some investigation as to why you shouldn't hear a difference. I found most of what you might want to look at in this article I can't say it better than how it's said there so I'll just recommend you give it a read. I found it very informative. I hope you will also.

Rockbox should play the files but they would be resampled to 44.1. That's the only samplerate the playback engine can handle so everything that isn't 44.1 gets resampled. I'm surprised how many times someone has praised the excellent sound quality Rockbox produces for them playing files at samplerates other than 44.1. The Rockbox resampler uses linear interpolation and is considered to be pretty bad.

None of this is meant to tell you you're not hearing a difference or trying to tell you how you're going about producing your files is wrong. I believe everyone should create and listen to their music in the form that suits their needs and taste. I also believe that the more information they have, the better their choices can be for their needs.

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