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Originally Posted by Alan2012 View Post
I'll stay out of this one but I have done some research on this in the past. As part of looking into it I came across a different, more recent discussion of the linked pdf.

More on point to the topic of this thread is that I'm observing that you seem to be saying some of anything to justify your decision to purchase a particular style of player. Whether one discman sounded different from another really isn't what's being discussed here, is it?

Once again, there's no need to justify your decision to get a player that pleases your tastes here. If you have decided to buy a a particular player, go right ahead. Your choice of player won't make any difference to anyone but you. No one here has to pay for it or listen to it.

You're also unlikely to convince anyone here that it's a worthy purchase for them. Especially by posting your "I heard this" experiences that only have a relevance to you and your ears.
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