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Originally Posted by IDvsEGO View Post
I finally picked up a pair of these and fully approve.
Congrats and nice to hear you approve or like them

Originally Posted by IDvsEGO View Post
I find them a little lacking in bass for some of my hip hop or electronic at times but not so much that I have to swap them out for something else. …
I did try to relay this in the review by stating “I can see some bass-heads finding them a tad light on bass but they make up for any loss of thump with their detailed imaging and bass control. … The depth extension is much better than the A151s, the bass quality is great while the actual quantity is medium at most.” While this will not change with BA IEMs other than a little getting use to them, I think if you give them a while you'll see what I tried to describe. If not, apologies to you and others that may have misunderstood my description in my review. I may have not been blunt enough and as you know describing sound is very difficult as we all hear things differently. That said, I stand by my assessment.

Originally Posted by IDvsEGO View Post
… still playing with tips but that’s normal for me and a new set.
For me the small triple-flange tips work best but we’re all different in that respect. That said, while they do supply a good diversity of tips all the singles (regular) tips are flimsy and cheap IMHO. Hope you find a good tip and let me know what you end up using as I’ve not tested after market tips on my A161Ps yet.

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