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Glad your sister was able to get her DAP up and running again. BTW, thank her for me. Dealing with this caused me pull my old E250 out of my bag and give it a listen. I rediscovered some songs I hadn't heard in a long time. Guess when you accumulate enough music some things just get buried.
Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
What web browser are you using that didn't understand that link?
I have to wonder about that also. I tried that link in 4 different browsers and it opens in all of them. Which browser is she using?

There's a positive side to your report. It made me look at all the links in the first post. I found all of them except the one you reported were dead. I've edited them to point to working sources so anyone that tries them now should get the expected results.

Thanks for bumping this thread. It brought the dead links to my attention and helped me make this thread useful again.

I'll also add links to some of the other recovery guides when I have the time. As you said there's no doubt others that will find this thread due to it's title. Adding links to the ways to enter manufacturing mode and doing a full recovery from there might help them.
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