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Lightbulb Create Sansa e200 v1 disk-spanning playlist

*** TESTED ***

Here's one way to create a Sansa e200-series (V1) playlist that plays songs stored internally on the Sansa, as well as on an external microSD card:
  1. Press [Windows] + [R], enter Notepad and then press [OK].
  2. Create a text file with a structure that looks likes this:

    VERSION 1.20
    HARP, MUSIC\Bonnie_Raitt_-_Nick_Of_Time_-_01._Nick_Of_Time.mp3
    HARP, MUSIC\Floppy - New Forest~Tibet.mp3
    HARP, MUSIC\Klobas Kesecker Ensemble - Five Scapes.mp3
    SDMMC, 10cc - Life Is a Minestrone.mp3
  3. Save the file as "<playlist name>.PLA" (include the quotation marks so a .TXT isn't appended by Notepad).
  4. Close Notepad.
  5. Using Windows Explorer, drag 'n' drop the resultant .PLA file to the PLAYLISTS folder on the Sansa.

  • A playlist only references song names and their respective locations on a device; the songs themselves must be copied to the Sansa separately.
  • The song names must be entered exactly as your MP3s are named (e.g., the Bonnie Raitt song shown above).
  • Everything in green (including the blank line) is mandatory. HARP, (including a single trailing space after the comma) indicates a song located within the Sansa's internal storage.
  • The violet folder name and backslash (MUSIC\) represents the exact folder name where the first referenced song (Bonnie Riatt) is located on the Sansa. This location is potentially different on your Sansa.


SDMMC, indicates the path to an MP3 stored on the root of your external 2GB micoSD card (if you have such a card and any songs are stored there).

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