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Default Amazon deals point to imminent Kindle release

So here’s what I’m hearing: today Amazon decided to clean house with much of its Kindle-related inventory. The headliner is the all-but-forgotten Kindle DX, which spent the whole day at $110 off as Amazon’s Gold Box daily deal.

The clearing of old hardware inventory, coupled with months of rumors, would be enough to make you think that a new Kindle’s appearance is imminent. But Amazon didn’t stop there, with—count ‘em—16 different additional deals today, all Kindle-related.

Still not convinced? How about warehouse super giant Amazon being suddenly unable to ship Kindle Touch devices for “4 to 7 days?” Or the fact that Kindle Touch 3G devices are entirely unavailable? Is it possible that Amazon has sold the last, or nearly the last of its back stock on these devices, with a new release around the corner? School is starting up after all, and a snazzy new Amazon tablet sure would go well with the rest of your back to school supplies, wouldn’t you agree?

What do y’all think—Kindle release before the end of the month? Next week? This weekend? My money is on next Thursday. To be honest, I don’t have any solid reason for thrusday, but if I were a betting man, that’s what I’d bet on.

[Amazon via Gizmodo]
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Doesn't matter to me....I have a Nook Simple Touch.
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I've got a kindle dx and it doesn't support unicode without hacking it. And I haven't got it to work. I think they "fixed" hackability with software updates. Japanese/Chinese characters do not work.

The "experimental" web browsing is extremely painful.

It is kick ass for pdfs though, no scrolling around or zooming in and out.
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Originally Posted by Brendan Hugo View Post
What do y’all think—Kindle release before the end of the month? Next week? This weekend?
Not sure when, but something certainly seems to be coming within the next "little bit"--there have been many reports of things in the works. Perhaps yet this month or next, with an eye to back-to-school days?
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It could be a couple of months until they release a device (this goes for Nook and Apple rumors too) and they are just slashing prices and spreading rumors of newer devices to keep the Nexus 7 from stilling to many sales from them.

They could pull a Microsoft and announce a device with no price, no specs, or release date

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Something will show up in time for Christmas Sales. It simply has to.
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