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I referred to that page because it was the one I used when I recovered my v1 E2xx players before I started using Rockbox. I didn't realize some of the firmware links no longer work. I'll either update them or delete them as soon as as I have a chance.

The link you posted about earlier today does work but if it's not allowing you to use the sansa updater to downgrade the firmware it's won't do you any good. There are other directions here I think these are better presented.

IIRC putting a ROM on the player was the last step after everything else had failed so I wouldn't do that at this stage. I'd have her follow the steps as outlined on the Rockbox Unbrick page I linked, in the sequence they advise. You'll see they work up the ladder and advise stopping at the point the player is working again.

If things deteriorate to the point you need manufacturing mode there's a good chance the player may be bricked beyond recovery. I have recovered players that are in that state but the steps required aren't easy for a new user and haven't always worked. I'd start at a lower level to try to avoid that.
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