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Old 08-17-2012, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by jasontaylor7 View Post
It almost seems like you are saying I suck as a person for even thinking of using this thing. I guess I didn't realize I was posting on I thought it was anything *but* ipod. My bad.
What's your issue? I let you know in a polite manner the truth about the player you mentioned. For some bizarre reason you've decided to take that personally. There's nothing in my post that passes judgement on you as a person because of your buying decision.

Attempting to shoot the messenger won't make the player you've bought any better. Had you asked before you bought it you would have received the same advice. It's a piece of junk. I know because I've owned one before and know from experience. I've also tried with a uniform lack of success to help others who have made the same unfortunate decision.

You need to get over it and put a few dollars toward a quality player at a good price. A Clip+ is what I recommend. It's decently built but doesn't cost a lot. The firmware issued by the manufacturer is pretty darn decent and if you decide to Rockbox it you can do things those pieces of junk never will.

The original purpose and reason for the name of this site was to look for iPod alternatives. In order to do that it's necessary to evaluate players honestly. Sometimes during that evaluation it turns out a player isn't worth buying at any price. This is one of those times and I've said just that.

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