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For great durability and isolation, I guess many will suggest the Etymotic HF5. It can be found for just under $100 if you look carefully. It is a BA design, so it will be great for classical music and as far as detail, but doesn't have strong bass. I guess others will recommend the Shure SE215($89). The SE215 has a detachable cable. The Se215 has a dynamic driver, so it has better bass than the HF5. There is also the Etymotic MC5($55) which has a dynamic driver and better bass than the HF5, but not as much detail.

I don't have either of these yet. I was conidering the HF5, but read that the nozzles are plastic and might break if tips are pulled off with too much force. The HF5 is supposed to have about the best isolation of any IEM. Another option is the Sony XBA-1 BA IEM($62). Since the Sony is a BA, expect great detail, but not such strong bass. I have been reading about these, but decided to stick with cheaper IEMs for now. I guess I am satisfied enough with the $15 Panasonic RP-HJE355, $20 JVC HA-FX40, and the $25 Panasonic RP-HJE450 to not want to spend around $100 on the SE215 or HF5, or around $62 on the XBA-1.

You should research IEMs at

Let us know what you decide. Each IEM has its strengths and weaknesses. Some that have stronger bass are lacking in the high frequencies, don't have that much isolation, or don't have that much detail. I guess I might get the MC5,XBA-1, or Sony MDR-EX310($60) as these are less expensive than the others I mentioned. I guess some might say to splurge and spend $150 on the Sony MDR-EX600.
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