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Originally Posted by Kamiocandy View Post

When I listen to the radio, the noise increases with time, so the sound goes from crystal clear to unintelligible over the course of half an hour or so. When I retune the radio when it is noisy, that is tune away and then back to the original frequency, I'm back at the beginning with clear sound.

What's the matter?
There is a known "station drift" problem with some Clip+'s. There are (as I understand it) 2 different FM chips that were used. One has the problem; the other doesn't. Sounds like you got one of the undesirable ones.

And before you ask, there is no way of outwardly telling which one is inside the player you may currently be holding, so if you're thinking about getting another one and wanting to determine which FM chip is inside beforehand to avoid the issue, forget it.
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