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Default "Update database"

I just bought an i10. I charged for two hours, until it told me it was fully charged. Then I unplugged it and set up the basics (language, color, time, etc) before deciding it was time to upload music.

I plugged it in and selected *sync+charge*
I then opened the device folder as well as my desktop music folder, so that I could copy and paste my music files (I read some where that c+p was the only way to transfer music on Macs) and then copied a single song so I could make sure I had done it right. I then clicked the eject button. My computer successfully disengaged itself, but the device never said 'disconnected'... but because my computer said it was disconnected and I had nothing to click to disconnect again, unplugged the USB.
Immediately after that I got a message saying to 'update the database' and then it powered off. I left it like that, afraid to touch it.

What do I do? Please help?
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I guess you will found out by now but what you have seen is normal. When you add or delete files the player will update itself with the changes when you disconnect. I'm not sure why it then needs to power off by default, but it does. Would seem more sensible to remain on, but that's the way it is - just turn it back on & check your files have transferred OK.
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