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'wall wart'? WTF is that?

Anyway, tcctool won't help if it doesn't come to life, so I bought a battery anyway and put it in myself. My life was beautiful again! BUT, about 4 days later it wouldn't come to life again. I tried about a dozen times plugging it in to different sockets and whatever. About the 12th time it worked?

i don't know - crazy as hell I tell ya.

It's not that hard to put the battery in and it really can't be done incorrectly, so my guess is a bad battery for some reason. But it's working now so ....I'll wait.

ONE thing though. I forgot how the D2 charging goes. Please tell me if a stock D2 while charging from the wall displays the charging screen the whole time or just at the beginning? Very important for me to know.
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dead d2;dead battery d2

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