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Based on the quick look that I gave your photos, I would say that these seem like the genuine article. I am not 100% sure of this, naturally, but they do look just like my IE8.

If you want more bass from your IE8, you can do one or all of the following:
1. Turn the bass knob to a higher value (which I see that you've already done)
2. Make sure that the silicone or foam tips that you use isolate properly. Less isolation = less bass. Perhaps you need to switch to a larger tip or maybe invest in some Comply foam.
3. Use a source that has a good EQ and give your IEMs a bass boost there, but please remember that EQ is best when applied subtly and it is also far better practice to bring down other frequencies instead of boosting just the bass. Too much of a boost could create clipping and other forms of distortion.

If none of the following methods give you satisfying bass, you should probably switch to a different IEM! Changing the cable will not affect the sound in any way, unless the cable you buy happens to be damaged, in which case it will certainly affect the sound as there won't be any
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