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It is probably bad form to respond my own question, but in case you were wondering:

I still don't know where the x1051 stores its rss info. It must be somewhere in the firmware. I looked at every file in the file system. I even busted out my hex editor to have a look-see. But I never found the answer. I did, however, come up with a solution that allows me to subscribe to rss feeds fairly easily.

Each time you click on an rss feed in the browser the x1051 recognizes it as such and asks if you want to subscribe to that particular podcast. The problem for me is finding feeds on bloated web pages in the x1051's mini browser. Even googling for them can be a pain. So I cobbled together an easy-to-surf-to webpage that has nothing more than a list of podcast names. Each item in the list is a link to that podcast's rss feed. When I click on each link in the x1051's browser, the x1051 asks if I want to subscribe, I select "Yes," and Bob's my uncle.

Update the webpage with a new feed (or feeds)
Reload the page in the x1051's browser
Click the new link(s)
Click "Yes" to subscribe

Simple as that. It's a kludge, but it works.
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