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I just bought a pair of refurbishedMM 100 Sennheiser bluetooth headphones for $60 on Amazon. This is my first bluetooth headphones experience. These headphones work great with my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone as far as sound quality goes. Unfortunately, they sound horrible with my Cowon S9. All of the audio playback has a very noticeable tinny sound with a faint metallic crackle at times. Songs sound like MP3s encoded at was less than a constant 128 bit rate if that makes sense. The songs that I'm listening to are 128 VBR OGGs (which in general with wired headphones sound great to me). Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong here? I know my S9 is old and I read through posts and people have mentioned previously that bluetooth playback on the S9 is lower quality than wired listening, but the quality I'm experiencing is just about unlistenable. It's so much worse that I can't see myself ever listening to music on my S9 via bluetooth. Any input on this matter would be appreciated.
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