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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
If you use the database browser, you can view your music thru categories (album, artist, genre, etc.) in ABC browsing.
Sorry for not being clear. In the original sansa firmware a quick double tap on the select button allowed me to scan through my music by alphabet. i.e. A-B-C- etc. Yes rockbox is in alphabetical order but that's a lot of music to scroll through without a wheel.

Oh and thanks for the tip saratoga on playlists. I wouldn't have guessed it would be so simple. I'll keep trying some more themes. So far I haven't found anything I really like but it's probably worth some more effort. I looked through all those themes already, they include them in the rockbox utility. But most of them are designed to be used without scrollbars which I'm not too crazy about.

EDIT: Rockbox crashed on me after I added some .m4a files on my sd card. Even after deleting them it wouldn't load and I reinstalled it. Now after installing it the computer refuses to recognize the device unless I boot into the original firmware before connecting via USB. I'm still hoping that this can save me time in the long run but I'm losing hope at the moment. I guess I can try reformatting again.

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