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Originally Posted by Gerbilkit View Post
... Is ABC browsing disabled in rockbox? I didn't find it in the manual. I found this feature essential for the clip and that's probably another deal breaker for me if it doesn't work in rock box. ...
If you use the database browser, you can view your music thru categories (album, artist, genre, etc.) in ABC browsing.
Quote from the rockbox manual:

4.1. File Browser

Rockbox lets you browse your music in either of two ways. The File Browser lets
you navigate through the files and directories on your player, entering directories and
executing the default action on each file. To help differentiate files, each file format is
displayed with an icon.

The Database Browser, on the other hand, allows you to navigate through the
music on your player using categories like album, artist, genre, etc.
You can select whether to browse using the File Browser or the Database Browser
by selecting either Files or Database in the Main Menu. If you choose the File
Browser, the Show Files setting lets you select what types of files you wish to view.
See section 8.2 (page 60) for more information on the Show Files setting.
Originally Posted by Gerbilkit View Post
Is there any other way to have playlists that read off the internal memory and SD card? ...
Section 4.4. Working with Playlists, starts on page 33. AFAIK rockbox can use .m3u, .m3u8 file formats. There's a few tutorials within abi on the how to ...

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