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Default Rockbox - SD Card & Internal Memory - Alt Solutions

Today I finally worked up my courage enough to go download rockbox and install it on my clip zip. Besides nerd bragging rights I mostly wanted the ability to make and save playlists on the go, and a database to integrate the internal memory and SD card so I could make playlists that would mix and match from both memories. But after installing it I'm not so sure I want to keep it. I've always been a fan of Sansa's UI in the fuze and even the simpler clip. It's fast, simple, and intuitive. Rockbox to be blunt is too complex. The text is way too small and hard to read and buttons assume inconsistent meanings in different contexts. I tried installing themes but these seem to only affect the while playing screen. I like the extra power, but the cost seems fairly steep. Am I missing something in terms of customization? I did read through the manual but may have missed some things. I would mainly like to customize the launch/home screen to be much simpler and go straight to what I want.

Is ABC browsing disabled in rockbox? I didn't find it in the manual. I found this feature essential for the clip and that's probably another deal breaker for me if it doesn't work in rock box.

Is there any other way to have playlists that read off the internal memory and SD card? It is annoying that when I sync over a playlist it can only consider one memory unit at a time, apart from rockbox I have no idea if people have come up with another solution for this issue.
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