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Originally Posted by MikeM132 View Post
Clip is the best deal out there. I have one---use for gym. Sound is great. My battery is not very good, though (they replaced one under warranty for this---replacement was only slightly better). I hardly ever get more than 6 hours or so. My son does not, either. No unusual EQ, bitrate, etc.---regular mp3, normal volume, screen off, etc. (I have had MANY mp3 players, so I know about that stuff). Battery is just too small---but so is the unit itself. It's a good tradeoff, I think. You can't have everything---certainly not for 40 bucks. I also have a ZuneHD 16. Love it, but not as handy for the gym.
yeah the battery is small but it's still 15 hours or so. You should be getting 8 hours of sleep a night so you can charge it then.
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