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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Only putting the .ROM on the player uses the player's embedded updating tool which has restrictions about which firmware can be installed according to the current installed firmware.
Using TccTool you force the firmware installation bypassing the player's restrictions.
Using FWDN you directly install the firmware on the board, thus it can be used even when the player is bricked/not recognized by the computer and it allows a deeper "cleaning" (format/rewrite hidden areas etc). FWDN is a much more powerful -and thus dangerous- tool.
So no, I wouldn't say TccTool and FWDN are essentially the same even though in some basic cases the operation's result can be the same.
I see. Thanks for clarifying!

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
FWDN only works with 32 bit Windows XP or older.
Windows 7 did not exist at the time of the P2/T10/Q1 etc
Aw, crap. I'll need to find my Windows XP CD, then. Do you by any chance know whether it's possible to use FWDN from a virtual machine?
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