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Originally Posted by dave61430 View Post
It's not uncommon to occasionally plug in a usb device and have the computer fail to recognize....
It's uncommon for me. In fact since I upgraded to WinXP several years ago I don't think I've had a standard device that wasn't broken or the cable gone bad not connect reliably. Sometimes a software might have problems reading the device but you should be able to see it in the file browser of whatever OS you're using.

There have been a few exceptions. I once had a unpowered hub that wouldn't connect more than one device. Once the front ports on a PC weren't properly powered. The back ports connected without problems in that instance. There's also been times when USB in Rockbox was buggy.

Other than that USB connections to standard device have worked as expected. Plug it in, the OS sees it, installs the drivers and you are able to use the device.
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