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Don't forget to allow reformatting when asked to do so by the 01.00.12 program.

I have recently learned in another thread that using the 01.00.12 .exe is the official Sandisk procedure to fix a Sansa. I also learned that it is normal if it doesn't work the first time. A Sandisk representative said that you may have to repeat this up to three times before it works.

What's happening to you is not normal,. After a 01.00.12 downgrade and reformat, just after you disconnect, you should normally see text scrolling on the Sansa display. Things like "Formatting...please wait" then "Rewriting bootloader, rewriting firmware" etc...

So, try it a couple more times, and if it still doesn't work, you can try the new "Guide: Recovering a bricked Sansa " procedure located in the hacks and mods section. I never had to use this process myself, so I will not be able to help you about it.

I just thought about something that may have caused you this problem: Did you ever tried to install the experimental Hebrew language firmware (01.03.01) ? If so, this could explain why you are having problems, and the process to fix your Sansa would be different.
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*hint* Try my sig it removes the hebrew firmware now too *hint*
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Hi i am having the same problem with my sansa e280 with it keeps saying loand main image failed. I have tried doing many different things but none of them have worked if anyone has any ideas please tell me.
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Can you go into Recovery mode and post your version.txt info? I wonder if you have e200v1 or e200R. I have seen this with e200R with trying to install e200 firmware.
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Unhappy Still the same prob

i did run the format software it said version read error than i copied the version info from above and pasted it in my VERSION.TXT file than the program ran and said that remove ur device safely n i did but nothing showed on my sansa screen i just said usb disconnected smthing like that n than i removed n nothing happend i restarted it by taking the batery out than when i booted it said the same Load Main Image Failed n than i again switched to recovery mode n the VERSION.TXT file was back to wot it was rather than wot i saved. Can sm1 plz help me????
Here is wot my file says:
Version Info: Product Rev.:
Base Code:
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