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Originally Posted by precsmo View Post
probably many confused with the highly acclaimed Vorbis format. It works a miracle at very low compression as low as 128 and lower, it works much better than MP3. But when comes to high bit rate like 192 and above, MP3 lame is still the best
Originally Posted by ariel View Post
Incorrect, you may want to take a look at hydrogenaudio comparisons, in particular ogg vorbis encoded with the aotuv patches, @ 192kbps mp3 is not even close.

OP: I use only ogg/192kbps in my j3, 1300 albums or so. Paired with the relatively inexpensive klipsh s4, I am amazed every time I use it, particularly with some awesome classical music recordings from deutsche grammophon. Battery lasts "a lot". I recharge it once a week, or every other week depending on use
Are you saying that aoTuV versions of Vorbis are more transparent than mp3s at bitrates that high? If so please link to the "hydrogenaudio comparisons" that show any version of vorbis superior to mp3 at bitrates of 192 kbps or above. From my reading of the recommended settings for transparency settings when using perceptual encoding they both appear to be transparent at bitrates that high.

AFAIK, "transparent" is just that. Either the encoded files are perceived as transparent or they aren't
In psychoacoustics, transparency is the ideal result of lossy data compression. If a lossily compressed result is perceptually indistinguishible from the uncompressed input, then the compression can be declared to be transparent. In other words, transparency is the situation where artifacts are nonexistant or imperceptible.
I can't see how one could be considered more transparent that the other once transparency is achieved.

Link me up, I'm always willing to learn more.
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