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Hah those puny digits are not mine, I just nabbed an image off the net. The Galaxy note fits nicely into the palm of my manly bearpaws, don't you worry about that. I can comfortably (not changing grip or tilting phone) reach all but about a 1 square cm box in the top left corner of the phone. For the folks with smaller hands you can get one handed portrait keyboards that shrink the keyboard down a bit. I'm glad to report that portability isn't a problem, as I was afraid it might be before the purchase. As usual your mileage may vary.

Fits into the inside pocket of my suits, also into the side pocket. Only slight printing when wearing jeans (I have large thighs so this is something that varies greatly depending on your personal size). Invisible in the inside pocket of my overcoat, fits fine in the pocket of my ski jackets. I had a little trouble with some of my pairs of shorts with shallow pockets, it fit fine when walking around and you could hardly tell there was anything there. Sitting down the note would slip out of the shallow, slippery pockets.
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