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Exclamation Fuze Won't Turn On, Not Even "Battery is too low"

I was listening to my sansafuze MP3 player earlier today, and I went to get it about an hour afterward and it wouldn't come on. As much as I try, I keep holding the power slide thing, I keep plugging it in, and I keep trying to reset it but not even the "Battery is too low" screen will show. My battery is not too low, though. Can you tell me what to do? It's so frustrating!
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--Thread title changed. Please use descriptive thread titles in the future. "Help" doesn't let the next person with this problem search for any possible solutions.--

The Sansa Fuze will sometimes crash to a state where it's on but unresponsive. This may be what has happened here. Try holding the power switch in the "On" position for a long time. A minute or two isn't too long. If you're really lucky that'll power it back up.

If that doesn't work it may be in the powered on but unresponsive state. You can try testing for that by putting your headphones on and listening as you slowly insert the headphone plug. If you hear a crackle as you do that it's not dead, just playing possum. Let it drain for about three days and try again then.

If you don't hear the crackle I'm not sure what else it could be. I have read a single time where someone didn't hear the crackle and it came back after the battery drained. That was only once but it did happen. That would give me some hope.

As I think about other times I've heard of this one other thing comes to me. Try taking the memory card out and see if it boots. That has stopped other Sansas from starting before I've read. Of course if there's no card in it this wouldn't apply.
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Thanks! I'll definitely try that.
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This just happened to me. Plugged it into a computer for over an hour and it turned on. Battery is low but it is charging.
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